Last day of school awww

Today was the last day of school of my Secondary 2 year and i am gonna miss all my classmates so much 😦 Its a mix of feelings i guess leaving 2E3 after spending a memorable and fruitful 2 years with all of them. I have to say that most of my friends are amazing and play a GREAT part in my life 😀 They are the people who i spent time with everyday listening to me rant about my shitty life and all:) love you all so much ❤

but of course there would be bitchy asses you would want to stay away from too hahahaha cos they are just so bimbotic and ugh.

but generally, my class is more bonded compared to other classes in the cohort and i had a lot of fun with themmm:))

i met true friends in this class who i count onto and i will definitely keep in touch with them in secondary 3!! hope we will be as close as ever yay :* Just thinking about having to make new friends next year makes me feel tired. Socialising is such a chore i swear. I am secretly a really anit-social person but it is different when i am around with my friends, i go really wild and weird hahaha -winks- it will be the worst nightmare if i get into the same class as people i “like”. can you just imagine another 2 more years with them erhmagerdd. Oh yes, i dont even know what subject combi to take. this is real shit man gahhh. Its either triple science with lit elect,geog elect or chem physics with ______ idk >< i cant choose my humanities for nuts, i have no interest in humanities okay. well decisions decisions, life is hard 😦 probably decide after i ask my mother again.

THE BEST THING TODAY HEHEHEHE omg i got a polaroid with Ms Lee!! she was like “now?” and i said “yes!” omg so happyy she look so pretty in the photo and i look like a potato next to her. She is a really really nice teacher and i want her to stay in TK:(Apparently, she got transferred to MOE hq awww man. She has like a burning passion in teaching for both chem math, actually everything, it just motivates me to do better. feel really honoured to be the math rep for her this year hehehe (:

I got other polaroids with my friends too and they are soo pretty toooo think i used up at least 10+ films already no joke but its worth it oh yeah.

After school, cheryl jasmyn and me went to nabeela’s house to see her baby sister. SOOO CUTEEE i think she is really charming like got the cool attitude okay hahahaa. Nazeefa got close to us after awhile and she hifived me hahaha. then we went to nex and got my yoguruuuu:D 

Thats about it for today! a pretty long post i knowww:-) gonna miss all my 2E3 classmatess ❤




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