Hey there fellow yellow minions :))
today’s the second day of the start of my school holidaysss and i feel kindaaa bored at home. There is actually quite many stuff i wanna do but you know ,restrictions:( like classes such as hip hop, yoga etc. and idk if my mum would allow me to go. I wanna get an oven too pretty pleasee. All the glorious cakes and pastries i see everywhere is killing me and i wanna bake too:* so today i went to nex with my mum again( did that yst too) while she shop i went to the library and got a book which seemed interesting. I finished a book today which i borrowed yst, called veronica decides to die and its so deeep. I actually thought the story was abit strange too. Its about the girl going into a mental hospital and finding friends which were different from those in the outside world. She decides to spend time with a boy during her supposedly five days left of her life. Cos the truth was the doctor only told her that, for a psychological treatment to make her treasure life more. Its deep and inspiring. There is line i liked from the book which is “Visions of Paradise”

:)) thats about all today hope tmr will be a great day as well!(:

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