have been a little busy with personal stuff, CIPs and also going out w friends i kinda forgot all about blogging hahaha. 

the holidays are passing so goddamn quickly i dont feel like i have spent the time wisely. It felt like just yesterday when holidays started and i was still wondering how i was going to pass this hols bc there is absolutely not much to do at hooomee. BUT DAYUMMIT’S ALREAADY DECEMBER SOOON 

this november was generally fine i went out with cheryl twice; the first time we wanted to go anchorvale swimming complex but what the crap it wasnt open on mondays. we were so disappointed we spend 1h there complaining how the management sucks hahahhaha. we decided to eat at compass point @burger kings 🙂 after that we went to try on baby clothes which were so damn cute i swear. we tried them on and could suprisingly fit into it. ofc it was the biggest size there, like 14XL or sth HAHAHAH. we then went to hougang swimming complex which was so lamee compared to anchorvale but we didnt have a choice cos the other nice swimming place is at jurong which’s at the other side of singaporeeee

I went out w cherylene too hehehehe went to city plaza first which was abit wulu if you see from outside. kinda sad bc most of the clothes there were soo not our age. However, the upper floors had a few shops which were still reasonably nice. it was digging a needle in a haystack. THEN WE WENT TO STRICTLY PANCAKESS HELLYEAA #foodporn #foodgasm 

it was not bad like the chocolate was really good and the pancakes were fluffy and savoury but afterwhile the taste got abit boring yeaa but still it was good 😀

i went out with cheryl again. to anchorvale this time when it was open and we tried the slidesss wheeee after hesitating for quite awhile. We went on the “medium” level slides bc the high level were abit challenging hm. and the “no-lifeguards” (hahaha we came up with this name to call them bc they have no life) didnt let us into the children pool and slides. 

But it was really funn!!! Like the water splashing areas. like buckets of water just get thrown into your face hahaha we were so high and were pratically sreaming everywhere (technically it was me only hehehee) esp the slides lol

yeaa there were interact sessions,open house, staycations 

the holidays has been alright so far and i am thankful for that 

-be appreciative of what you have then only can you feel blessed- 

have a good day everyone 🙂


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