conflicted feelings

feeling so annoyed yet sad now. i went out with melissa yan wei and jun mei the other day to sentosa for luge and also watch catching fire. Apparently, my other friends cheryl andchan have been like talking about it to go play the luge one day but we never did it.

So that day when that other group of my friends ask me out (two are my future classmates which explain even further why i have to get closer and hang out more around with them), cheryl was feeling abit angry i guess 

she was like throwing a tantrum and i got so fucking pissed so i just texted her in a more strict manner and it started kinda awkward between us. She was asking me if i texted sijie that day and i ask her why and all she replied was “nvm” like what the fucking hell is your problem. 

Dont be such a petty bitch and plese grow up esp from being a caveman who despises all the popular things ppl wear or ppl say just bc you “think its too cool for you” lol

When i tried to sound nicer to her guess what she replied with a dot. yes a fricking “.” what the crap.

so my point now is she is my very close friend. she is someone i could actually confide and tell all my stories problems to. she is the only person i can sit for 4 hours straight and talk about all sorts of things without the conversation getting awkward. i love her so much that she means so much in my life

sighs but i just feel really annoyed and irritated by how ignorant and insensitive she can be sometimes. i guess all friends have flaws we have to look through their not so good side to find the beauty in their person. i hope things patch up soon. i am going to try being nice and friendly, compromise and give in bc thats the only way we will become great friends again.

blogging does help vent frustration hahaha thats all for today byeee(:

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