indescribable epiphany

i couldnt fall asleep last night. i stayed up till about 12am and went to bed but i just couldnt sleep. this time last year was different. painful and i really dont know how to express my feelings now cos my emotions were in a turmoil. my dad left this world last year early in the morning that day. and the memories kept flashing in my mind. i really miss my father. every single time i have an achievement i would be thinking what’s the point of all these now if my father wasnt here to see and share the joy together with me. i really love him. he is the best person best father ever who really really gives you everything to the best he can. he is the only person i know who gives unconditional love to esp his family, those around him. i truly respect him so much in every single way i could say he is my role model, the person that is teaching me how to carry on and be as successful as him in my life now. 

times passes really fast, but memories still last. pain fades but feelings still stay.

i know he is watching us from up there. i love you daddy. ❤ 🙂


i was feeling moody and down in the morning but in the day when my mother and i went out we had a good lunch walk around and bought some cute stuff which cheered me up and made me feel alot better (: i felt glad that my mum wasnt crying alot like before she was still feeling alright which made my heart feel more relieved. at least she has became stronger and also accept the truth. even though she might nag and scream and yell and shout and beat and smack and hit me, she is still my mother and i love her. she did so much for me and also my siblings i know that my father’s depart from our lives was not easy for her as well. 

today was overall a day that made me realise that in life we have to move on.

i love you daddy you will always be the best in my heart (:  xx

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